The Lemondrop Company, or TLC as we call it,

cares about the things that matter most in life

rather than the things that don’t.


WORK – The impact of our what we do goes beyond the simple economic return. We measure success based on the improvements we make to the lives, health and enjoyment of people we work with and communities around us.


LIVE – The life that our family, friends, people we know and we experience matters a great deal to us and we do everything we can to improve it for all of us.


WELLNESS  – Our physical and mental health and that of our family, friends, colleagues and people we know matter more than almost everything else in our lives.


CHATTER –  Over the years, many people have chatted with us, we have worked with some and they, in turn, have chatted to others about us. They are very kind.


EXPERIMENT– Our problem is that we are always full of crazy ideas. We experiment with stuff.  The vast majority fail.  But they were so much fun trying. And the story continues.


ABOUT– Formed in 2010 with the naive ambition to change the world of the people we touch, TLC has ridden the ups and downs of life. Smiling all the way.